Gluten Flour

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Gluten flour is white flour mixed with concentrated wheat protein that is add to bread dough to increase leavening.

The product in our store referred to as gluten flour is actually 80% wheat gluten. The balance of 20% is wheat starch. However, this product is commonly referred to as either gluten or gluten flour. The confusion comes about by how it is named, and the naming depends on whether your recipe source is from the US or Canada. Americans call it gluten, but we Canadians refer to it as gluten flour. There is absolutely no difference.
Unless you are using a bread machine to make bread, there is no need to add gluten to wheat flour as wheat flour has adequate gluten.

If you are adding gluten to other flours to increase elasticity, keep in mind that gluten is a wheat product.

Instructions: Add 2 Tbsp gluten flour to each cup of flour in whole grain breads. Add 1 Tbsp gluten flour to each cup flour in whit e breads.

Shelf life: Gluten has an indefinite shelf life because the wheat germ has been refined away.

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