7- Day Purification Program

Size: Kit
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The water we drink, the air we breath and the food we eat all nourish and fuel us, but in today’s world they may come with some unwanted extras. High levels of pollutants like heavy metals, hormones and chemicals are increasingly present in all three.

Fortunately, the Flor•Essence® 7-Day Purification Program can help counterbalance these unwanted elements, bringing the body’s functioning back to the way nature intended by supporting and accelerating its natural cleansing process* and removing accumulated waste and toxins.

Suggested Use

As part of your 7-Day Program, take Flor•Essence® Herbal Tea Blend according to directions on the instructional booklet inside the box, rather than the actual Flor•Essence® label.

For best results, measure 2 tablespoons of Flor•Essence® and dilute with an equal or greater amount of hot, filtered water. Shake well before use. Once opened, keep Flor•Essence® refrigerated at all times.

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