Boron Chelazome

Size: 90 tabs


Trophic Boron Chelazome - Boron affects proper calcium metabolism and is essential to proper bone formation and maintenance, specifically important to individuals at higher risk of conditions like osteoporosis or bone fractures. Boron appears to be important for optimal bone health because of its favourable effects on and interactions with calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D and estrogen. Boron is regarded as relatively safe and non-toxic because any excess is easily eliminated, primarily in the urine.

EACH CAPLIQUE® CAPSULE CONTAINS Medicinal Ingredients: Neptune Krill Oil (Euphausia superba) …….. 500 mg Providing: Phospholipids …… 230 mg Omega-3 ……. 150 mg EPA ………. 75 mg DHA ………. 45 mg Astaxanthin …… 0.65 mg Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Fish gelatin (tilapia), purified water.

Suggested Use
Directions: Take 1 tablet daily or as directed by a health care practitioner. Take with vitamin D and calcium.

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