Glow Renew Amalaki & Turmeric

Size: 60ml


URBL GLOW offers amalaki that is known to promote procollagen and elastin production, keeping your skin looking naturally fresh and healthy. A potent immunity booster, amalaki contains multiple times vitamin C compared to orange.

URBL GLOW also contains Hydromeric® turmeric that boasts a concentration of powerful curcuminoids that increase collagen deposits in skin. GLOW is a remarkable formulation with numerous benefits such as antioxidants, anti-inflammation, choleretic, cholagogue, carminative, joint pain relief, and relief from hyperacidity.


Amalaki fruit ext., turmeric root ext., cinnamon bark ext., cumin seed ext., apple cider vinegar, ginger root ext., black pepper, maple syrup, honey, Himalayan salt, water.

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