Natural Citrus Concentrate

Size: 473 mL


• Super concentrated and is a natural organic cleaner, stain remover, deordorizer and degreaser.

• Made from high grade d'Limonene produced from the peel and seeds of oranges.

• Is extremely versatile, it cleans stains and odors from vehicles to carpets, kitchens to bathrooms, laundry to floors, use it on everything CAUTION: (check plastic first.)

• A fresh, natural fragrance that makes cleaning everything less of a chore!

Citrus Fruit, man's very first cleaning product. Its cleaning power is d'limonene which is contained in the peel and seeds of the orange. ORANGE aPEEL distills the raw material fully to recover the d'limonene from the orange peel leaving no oily residue. The process enhances the emulsification properties while enabling d'limonene to be mixed with water. The end result, ORANGE aPEEL is a natural Organic product, environmentally friendly and biodegradable, yet a powerful formulation. d'limonene in the natural environment is degraded in a relatively short period of time. Emulsification is a natural process that breaks down the molecular structure of a foreign substance and suspends the molecules within the emulsifier. The stain disappears. ORANGE aPEEL leaves no stain and will not harm fabric, even silk! Today, virtually all dyes are chemical dyes and will not be affected by ORANGE aPEEL. To be absolutely safe, test the cleaner on a section of fabric/ carpet that will not be seen.

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