Organic Wild Bilberry Cocktail

Size: 500 mL


Small berries - big taste If you want to grow wild bilberries, you’ll need plenty of time and patience. In comparison to conventionally-cultivated bilberries, it takes several years before these plants develop sufficiently in the wild and you can start to harvest the berries from them. But there are more differences between wild bilberries and the cultivated varieties you can buy in your local supermarket. Wild bilberries are smaller, have a more intense flavour, and need to be processed faster after harvesting. As a result, one has to handle these sensitive berries very gently when processing them to make juice. Our natural Biotta juice is produced from organic wild bilberries, with no artificial additives. This ensures the intense aroma of the berries is preserved. The hard work pays off, however - and the reward is a particularly delectable juice for young and old alike.

Elderberry juice*, water, agave juice concentrate*, elderberry flowers*. Fruit content: 64.5%. Pasteurized. * Certified organic

Suggested Use
Storage: Biotta juices should be stored between 40° F - 68° F unopened. Once opened, please refrigerate. USAGE: Shake well. For best quality and freshness, use within 7 days of opening. SHELF LIFE: Due to the quality processing, Biotta juices have a 2 1/2 year shelf life. This means that they are at their optimum quality and freshness for 2 1/2 years from the date of production. All bottles are marked with the date that the juice is best used by (expiration date)

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