Original Blend Decaf Coffee

Size: 150 g


Caf-Lib Original Blend Coffee Alternative with Barley and Chicory 150-Gram ?Coffee alternative made from roasted barley and chicory with a smooth, rich flavour ?Naturally caffeine-free ?All-natural, no preservatives ?Also available in Dark Roast and Organic ?Kosher Coffee alternative made from roasted barley and chicory with a smooth, rich flavour.100-Percent natural, free of caffeine, chemicals and preservatives, Caf-Lib addresses the following conditions; high blood pressure, pregnancy, insomnia, sleeplessness, caffeine intolerance. Unlike decaffeinated coffee or tea which still contains some caffeine, Caf-Lib lets you rest easy. Have it any time of day – even at bed time. Enjoy all the pleasures of a coffee break, minus the caffeine.You probably drink more coffee than you think. Replace a mid-morning coffee with a "No Caffeino Cappuccino."Caf-Lib is not decaffeinated: it is made from ingredients that never had caffeine to begin with. Thanks to superior manufacturing and packaging practices which ensure its microbiological integrity, Caf-Lib requires no preservatives to maintain its freshness.The taste of Caf-Lib Original is similar to instant coffee. Our Dark Roast offers a more robust flavour to please people who prefer a stronger brew. As for our Organic blend, its taste resembles our Original blend.

Extract of roasted malt barley, roasted barley, roasted chicory

Suggested Use
For an 8oz mug add 1 rounded tablespoon of Caf-Lib and boiling water..... add milk and sugar to taste. Can also be made with hot milk.

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