Roasted Walnut Oil

Size: 500 mL


La Tourangelle Roasted Walnut oil is the fruit of passionate, patient, and artisanal care. It is pure, all-natural, delicious, and easy to use. We believe traditional methods are still the best ways to retain all the flavors, nutrients and health benefits that nature provides. We extract our ingredients and press our oil with the utmost love and care to provide you with the highest-quality products, like this walnut oil. Well-kept secret: It is delicate and pale in color, with a rich yet elusively nutty taste that has the delicacy of walnut nutmeats without the heaviness or bitterness.

Ingredients: 100% pure roasted walnut oil.

Suggested Use
Temperature: Medium-High It is better to use walnut oil for cold or medium-high heat cooking. Easy-to-use in salads, grilled fish and meat, pasta or cheese plate. You can pour it on everything, drizzle on your roasted vegetables and pasta, and enhance your barbecue sauce. It will add a gourmet taste to any ordinary meal. Some think walnut oil is the supreme salad oil. Here is some inspiration for your creative cooking endeavors: Drizzle: Our artisan walnut oil is a delicious finishing touch for any dish. When your food is prepared, sprinkle some roasted walnut finishing oil on top for a light but delicious addition to your meat, seafood, pasta, stir-fry or even baked bread. The taste is sure to tempt anyone. Whisk: Because of its rich, nutty flavor, our walnut oil serves perfectly as a base for vinaigrettes, condiments or sauces to go with your dishes. You can even try it as a dipping sauce to enjoy its nutty notes. Fry: For light, pan-frying endeavors, our artisan walnut oil is a wholesome, healthy alternative to butter or other greasier options. You can even use it for stir-frying vegetables and meat.

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