Vitamin E Skin Oil

Size: 28 mL


Axel Kraft Vitamin E oil has a total of 28,000 IU of vitamin E per bottle. It's pure and natural and suitable for all skin types. Vitamin E is great for helping to minimize scarring, stretch marks and for every day moisturizing your skin. Axel Kraft included a built-in flat applicator for easy, mess-free application.


Each Bottle Contains: Vitamin E 28,000 IU

Suggested Use

Apply to skin as often as needed. Stretch marks - increases nutrients in the skin to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Apply to area and rub gently Reduces scar tissue - helps to regenerate new cells and lighten brown spots Anti-aging benefits - promotes healthy skin and helps reverse signs of aging Moisturising values - restores lost moisture, works best on dry or damaged skin Sunburns - rub a few drops of oil gently over the sunburnt area to provide mild relief from overexposure to sun Psoriasis - since Vitamin E is a potent skin healer, these scaly, irritated skin patches start to heal faster Nails/Cuticles - a few drops of oil helps to smooth and rehydrate these areas and may prevent future cracking

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